Tendering / Drawings & Contract Administration

The Tender drawings we create are far more detailed than Planning drawings, they are dimensioned throughout and include an architectural specification. We liaise with the client on what standard of building they are looking for. We advise on the requirements of the Building Regulations and how these requirements can be adhered to. Tender drawings provide a contractor with the detail required to price the project and these drawings can indeed be used to build the project. They show all materials required in the building and set out the constraints the builder must adhere to both from a regulation perspective and a budgetary one to in order to complete the project.

Contract Administration involves outlining the terms of the contract with the builder prior to commencement of the works and ensures the contractor has included for everything outlined in the tender drawings. It also outlines the programme for the project as well ensuring the contractor has sufficient resources to complete the project on time and to a satisfactory standard.

CBA Architects can advise on all types of architectural projects. If you have any questions regarding your architectural project, do not hesitate to contact CBA Architecture.

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