Site Appraisal and Feasibility

We search for suitable sites for clients, look at planning constraints and the overall viability of a site for a client. If we believe the site might be a runner we can progress to preparing a feasibility study for the project the client has in mind. We look at sites that are on the market through estate agents and auctioneers, as well as properties that may be in receivership. We also look at property that may not yet be on the market but is particularly appropriate for our client’s needs. 

A feasibility study on a site or a property can help you to understand if a project is viable or not. We prepare feasibility studies based on our experience in design and knowledge of planning. This will give you a realistic impression of what can be achieved on a site or a property. Whether it is an existing unit, be it derelict or occupied, or a green field site, a feasibility is often a worth-while exercise. 

CBA Architects can advise on all types of architectural projects. If you have any questions regarding our feasibility studies, do not hesitate to contact CBA Architecture.

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