Design Certifier & Assigned Certifier

Design Certifier

A certificate of compliance(design) is a requirement under the new building control regulations SI9. The design certifier is responsible for the preparation of the drawings, specification and particulars for the design of the building, and ensures that ancillary certificates are obtained for any other members of the design team. CBA Architecture have been working on this principle for a number years now and see it as a good move for the construction industry in the medium to long term.


Assigned Certifier

The assigned certifier is appointed by the building owner to certify the works carried out in accordance with the building control regulations. The assigned certifier is responsible for signing statutory documents for building control and overseeing all other certifiers on the project. Assigned certifier does not include for supervision of the builder. It is based on inspections of the building, the workmanship, detailing and materials used etc.

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