Apartments Blackrock

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Location: Blackrock, Cork City
Status: Planning
Size: 52750sq.ft/ 4900sq.m
Contractor: MMD.


A high density suburban apartment development. The proposed, was design to replace an existing office development with a contemporary residential complex. The apparent mass is controlled and the visual impact of it reduced, by creating different elements and finishes within the project.

Office Development Carrigaline

Location: Carrigaline
Status: Design
Size: 42000sq.ft/ 3900sq.m
Contractor: Not Appointed


Riverstick Development

Location: Riverstick, Co. Cork
Status: Built
Size: 35000sq.ft/ 3250sq.m
Contractor: Coolfadda.


Bringing a new heart and identity to the village of Riverstick, this mixed development uses quality sustainable materials in a modern centre, with the design still influenced by the vernacular.
The development makes the most of a difficult sloping site, with mixed commercial uses, spacious accommodation over and imaginatively landscaped gardens as a focal point for residents within the complex.

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