Independent Living

kitchen design for wheelchair user

CBA Architects specialise in designing new homes and renovating existing dwellings for people with disabilities. Whether you are living on your own or with family we are Architects that work with you to achieve a design solution that will meet your needs.

As in all our designs we design for both the present and the future. Everyone’s needs are different and we as architects recognise this. We have worked with clients in Cork, Tipperary, Limerick, to name a few, and helped them to achieve a design and build a home that is specifically thought out for them. The idea that a small 1-bedroom extension with a Part M accessible toilet built onto an existing dwelling will solve all problems, is narrow-minded thinking and there is much more that needs to be looked at in this type of project.


Simple things that don’t impose, huge expense on the project can make life much easier for the end user such as:

  • Level access at all doorways, including all entrance and exit doors to garden areas.
  • Having counter tops at suitable or adjustable heights.
  • Removing kicker boards under cupboards allowing wheel chair users to get closer to worktop space.
  • Positioning of switches, sockets and sanitary ware to suit the user.
  • Colour changes for the visually impaired to help identify what is around them.


Some people with a disability or limited movement may have specific requirements and while there is a cost associated with these, they are sometimes key to a project being a success for the user.

Such requirements we have catered for in the past are:

  • Auto-mated doors and locking systems, both sliding and hinged doors.
  • Remote operated controls heating and ventilation
  • CCTV linked to a channel on your TV remote
  • Manual and remote operated hoists
  • Hydrotherapy pools
  • Hydraulically assisted changing beds
  • Car ports to protect from the elements while disembarking from your vehicle



Other things that have been beneficial to our clients include light therapy, sensory areas and snoozlen rooms.

We work with occupational therapists to determine the needs of the client and what their needs in the future might be. Working with these experienced professionals is vital in getting the design future proofed for the client.

Legal consultancy for Independent Living:

We prepare detailed reports for upgrading or building new homes as part of accident claims, personal injury claims and medical and professional negligence claims. We work with solicitors and barristers in order to ensure that you get sufficient compensation to facilitate your needs.

Our reports look at every angle and take all your needs into account for the present and the future, along with considerations such as the property market in the area, and increased floor area for specialist equipment and ease of circulation around the dwelling, and it’s knock on effects on planning guidelines in the area and design requirements.; and their subsequent associated costs on building a dwelling.

Property consultancy for Independent Living:

If the needs of a member of your family, or indeed, your own needs are changing as a result of an accident, disability, or a progressive condition, we can help to find suitable property to build on or renovate to meet your requirements. We can prepare preliminary designs and feasibility studies to determine what is realistically achievable with a property or landholding prior to purchasing.

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