Finding The Ideal Architect: 6 Key Tips

cba architects corkBuilding a new home, extending your existing house or creating a new commercial site is an exciting process and finding the right architect is crucial to the success of your project. Finding the ideal architect is not difficult and this blog post will guide you through the most important points to consider when searching for an architect.

1.    Finding the Architect

Finding the right architect is the first important step in your project which will require some research and consideration. Usually, word of mouth plays an important role in the search for architects. You might find a particular design that you like and you want to find out what architects are behind that. Or your friends, family or colleagues have successfully finished a project you really like and you want to work with the same architects (or you don’t like and you want to avoid them).

Once you have found the architects you think would be suitable for your project, do your research. Look at their website and portfolio, have a personal meeting with them and discuss your needs.

2.    Architects’ Signature Style

Architects are commonly known by their design style. CBA Architects have been described by local property journalists as specialists in bespoke contemporary residential architects both in urban and rural design. Though most architects are able to adapt their signature style to what you want, think twice about hiring an architect with a neoclassical signature style to design your contemporary style home. Have plenty of examples of the look you want; these can be found from catalogues, magazines or the Internet. If you are looking at environmentally friendly designs, the good news is that they can be adapted to any style, but it is important to discuss such details beforehand with your architect if you are looking to implement “green” elements.

3.    Communication is key!

After you have taken the decision to either build a home, or change the design of your current one, the next step is meeting your architect to discuss the project or changes. The communication between you and your architect is the key to the overall project success. Your architect must become your new friend, who will understand your needs and whom you feel comfortable with. The project is equally important to both parties, so you have to make sure there is open communication. Remember, no matter the size of the Architecture company you are working with you will need a point of contact you can constantly liaise with.

4.    3-D modeling: don’t start without it!

3-D models represent an important piece of the whole architectural project as they show beforehand how elevations and floor plans translate into actual buildings. Clients have a better idea of how their new home will look and it is a great way of involving them into the design process. So, before starting your new project, make sure you ask your architects for a 3-D model.

At CBA architecture we include 3D models as part of our service as standard to give everyone a better understanding of the building.

5.    More than just one service

Architectural design is not the only service an architectural firm usually offers. If your project needs additional services, make sure to ask your architect about them and the associated costs.  At CBA Architecture we offer extensive experience in one off housing, master-planning, feasibility studies and site supervision.  Additionally, we provide services, such as:

  • Planning permission
  • Tendering & contract administration
  • Working drawings & specifications
  • Design certifier & assigned certifier
  • Building evaluation & architectural reports for finance
  • Legal reports and property registration

6.    The Fees

When figuring out the costs, it is rather difficult to set the fixed fees when you start the design process of your project. However, a good estimate can be set.

CBA Architecture can offer a fee proposal on fixed price terms. Examples of project costs are the construction budget as well as consultant fees such as environmental impact studies or structural engineering fees. The most important thing about costs and fees is whole transparency. It is your right to demand it.

Congratulations! You now have the key information that will help you lay a successful foundation for understanding how to find and hire an architect. Unfortunately, I can’t include every important piece of information about this most important step in the design and construction process successfully in this guide. Actually, that would be impossible because each project is unique and the requirements differ based on a multitude of factors. But with the 6 points explained in this blog post, you have the critical information to help you hire the architect that will ensure that your project is a success.

If you are in the process of looking for an architect for your project, let’s talk. We can help you wade through the necessary requirements and make sure you aren’t overlooking a crucial factor that could doom your project to failure, we offer a custom need and options review consultation where we will identify the specific requirements pertaining to your project and your available options.

Typically, this consultation saves our clients thousands and weeks of lost time, not to mention the stress and headache of getting something wrong.

To read more about us at CBA Architects Cork, visit our website.

If you are ready to talk now, please give us a call.

Best wishes for the success of your project!

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