Fethard House Extension & Renovation – CBA Architects Cork


One of the occupants of this dwelling is disabled and wheelchair bound, so it was critical that every aspect of this design catered to the requirements of the disabled user. It was important that design also created a homely environment that did not feel overly clinical. The heating is underfloor and the dwelling is orientated on the site maximise the benefit of sun and light.



CBA Architects Cork specialise in designing new homes and renovating existing dwellings for people with disabilities. Whether you are living on your own or with family we are Architects that work with you to achieve a design solution that will meet your needs.

As in all our designs we design for both the present and the future. Everyone’s needs are different and we as architects recognise this. We have worked with clients in Cork, Tipperary, Limerick, to name a few, and helped them to achieve a design and build a home that is specifically thought out for them. The idea that a small 1-bedroom extension with a Part M accessible toilet built onto an existing dwelling will solve all problems, is narrow-minded thinking and there is much more that needs to be looked at in this type of project.

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