Fethard House Extension & Renovation – CBA Architects Cork

Summary One of the occupants of this dwelling is disabled and wheelchair bound, so it was critical that every aspect of this design catered to the requirements of the disabled user. It was important that design also created a homely environment that did not feel overly clinical. The heating is underfloor and the dwelling is orientated on the site maximise the benefit of sun and light.  

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Renovation & Extension Project Cba Architects Cork

 Kildorerry - Old Butchers shop turned into a contemporary kitchen dining space - Renovation & Extension by CBA Architects Cork This retired butcher’s shop, in Kildorerry, North Cork, had character and its owners knew it too. When they went about looking for an Architect they found CBA Architects as their best fit, from an article written in the Cork Examiner about a previously designed house by the Cork Architects. The brief here was to design a space for the family, retain the character of the shop front and create a connection between inside and out with the garden to the rear. A winter garden was introduced internally, behind the shop front, not only to act as a winter garden but also as buffer to sound from the adjoining street, and to help retain heat in the main Kitchen/living quarters.

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House Extension Bishopstown

House Extension - CBA Architects Cork This is an extension designed to take advantage of the southerly and westerly sun and to get light into the main living areas of the house, transforming this typical 1950’s semi-detached house in suburban Cork into a cool contemporary living space.

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Home Extension and Alterations at Ballincollig

The owners of this dwelling approached CBA Architects based on seeing some of our work around Cork and on seeing an article in the Irish Examiner on a dwelling designed for a client in Tipperary. The clients asked CBA Architects to re-design their existing Cork based home, to transform it both inside and out and to include an extension to incorporate an open plan living space for the family. A key feature in the open plan kitchen/living dining area is the sunken living space giving it a true sense of definition within the overall space. Other key features in this dwelling are the kitchen design and its finish, along with the bespoke open thread staircase with glass balustrade and polished stainless steel handrail, which is a standout element in the entrance hall and sets the tone for what’s to come in this Cork suburban home. CBA Architecture will provide a service to meet your needs. We offer a flexible commercial design, house design service and all our house planning, commercial planning applications include 3D images at no extra cost. For more information, contact CBA Architecture.

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Glandore: House Extension and Renovation

house extension and renovation

Glandore: House Extension and Renovation  This existing bungalow required a makeover and complete re-design of the internal spaces and layout. With the help of a small 6.5 sq.m extension we opened the living, kitchen and dining spaces, flooded them with light and took advantage of the views of the beautiful harbour at Glandore. At the other end of the house we converted a garage to include for a master bedroom with an en-suite. Windows and insulation were upgraded along with a new gas fired central heating system being installed. Key features in this design were a large island connecting the old with the new, A walnut sliding pocket door to allow for flexibility in the open plan spaces and standing seam zinc cladding to new extension externally.

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Enniscoush, Limerick: House Extension and Renovation

house extension and renovation cba architects cork

Enniscoush, Limerick: House Extension and Renovation  This dwelling was a really interesting design to be involved in and brought us into a rare realm of New England type Architecture. This house extension and renovation project consisted of upgrading the home, creating some additional space, making better use of the existing space with regard to natural light in kitchen and living areas along with creating a better flow between spaces. All with the New England style in mind. The results of plastering over existing quoins and the introduction of timber cladding with an American style deck work well to achieve the New England look.   Location: Enniscoush, Limerick Contractor: Direct Labour Status: Completed

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Independent Living

kitchen design for wheelchair user

CBA Architects specialise in designing new homes and renovating existing dwellings for people with disabilities. Whether you are living on your own or with family we are Architects that work with you to achieve a design solution that will meet your needs. As in all our designs we design for both the present and the future. Everyone’s needs are different and we as architects recognise this. We have worked with clients in Cork, Tipperary, Limerick, to name a few, and helped them to achieve a design and build a home that is specifically thought out for them. The idea that a small 1-bedroom extension with a Part M accessible toilet built onto an existing dwelling will solve all problems, is narrow-minded thinking and there is much more that needs to be looked at in this type of project.

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House W extension contrasts stripy cedar with original brickwork

This gabled extension to a brick house in the Netherlands was designed by Studio Prototype to mimic the shape of the original property but is clad in an entirely different material. The extension echoes the proportions of the existing building but is slightly misaligned to differentiate the old and new structures, and to create a view through a narrow window along the original house's facade. "By shifting the new volume slightly from the existing dwelling, a subtle connection is established between both with special views." The architects chose to clad the extension's walls in narrow diagonal strips of stained western-red cedar that create a tonal and textural juxtaposition with the bricks facades of the adjoining structure. "A distinction between the new volume and the existing one is realised by constructing the facade of the new volume from a fine pattern of battens, creating a playful tension with the heavy existing bricks," said Steenvoorden.

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