House W extension contrasts stripy cedar with original brickwork


This gabled extension to a brick house in the Netherlands was designed by Studio Prototype to mimic the shape of the original property but is clad in an entirely different material. The extension echoes the proportions of the existing building but is slightly misaligned to differentiate the old and new structures, and to create a view through a narrow window along the original house's facade. "By shifting the new volume slightly from the existing dwelling, a subtle connection is established between both with special views." The architects chose to clad the extension's walls in narrow diagonal strips of stained western-red cedar that create a tonal and textural juxtaposition with the bricks facades of the adjoining structure. "A distinction between the new volume and the existing one is realised by constructing the facade of the new volume from a fine pattern of battens, creating a playful tension with the heavy existing bricks," said Steenvoorden.

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